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Proud to Fit American Hearing Aids

We want to take a moment to honor those who have served our country and sacrificed to protect our freedom and the freedom of generations to come. Without them, U.S. citizens and companies may not be able to develop and provide new products and services that can better the lives of our own citizens. We at Hearing By Design take great pride in providing our community members with the hearing care they deserve. We are also proud to sell hearing aid products made by Starkey, an American company.

Headquartered in Minnesota, Starkey is the only major hearing aid company that is American owned and operated. Additionally, Starkey provides innovative products that consistently deliver excellent hearing solutions for wearers. Their innovation represents the pioneering spirit that makes our country great.

Starkey is also actively involved in non-profit efforts to provide hearing assistance to the less fortunate in numerous communities across the United States through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. HearNow, a Foundation program, accepts donated hearing aids, recycles them, and then provides them to children and families across the U.S. that are unable to afford new hearing aids. In addition, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which has fit nearly 500,000 free hearing aids around the world, is active with hearing aid missions for hard of hearing individuals in numerous U.S. cities every year. This is an amazing cause, and it’s great to know that the hearing aids we fit from Starkey help support their future efforts. If you would like more information on Starkey hearing aids for you or a loved one, simply submit your information on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch within one business day.